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Handmade Wall Hanging Bass Drum Decorations

Born with a beat in his soul and the itch to pluck the bass in his fingers, Western PA native Dennis DeFelice has been rocking and rolling since ‘52. A long-time fixture of the local music scene, DeFelice has been performing on bass with his band Oakleaf since 1972. Upon retiring from his day job in 2020, DeFelice now expresses his love of music by creating handcrafted drum art pieces perfect for music-lovers and pop art aficionados alike.
Product Description
Lovingly and intentionally crafted, these one-of-a-kind artistic drum displays are handmade by Dennis DeFelice from gig-used drums, customized accordingly to individual taste and musical preferences. Unique and exceptional, these pieces are sure to thrill any music lover, pop art enthusiasts, or super fan in your life. In collaboration with Alex Riedel, we are delighted to exclusively offer these “Rock Art Drums” through uRock Music Center. 

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